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This pedal has been a labor of love. I've spent 5
months developing this pedal to get that "you bet your a$$"
like guitar tone as a customer request. Do I need to say any

You have an On/Off foot switch that controls the
master side and a Boost switch to go between 2 channels.
The Green channel is cleaner but with the same gain. The
Diode switch cuts a pair of diodes on and off to smooth the
drive out or to make it hard.

This is apart of my Top Shelf line with a custom paint
job of my liking...., But it's not what it looks like. It's what it
sounds like, and it sounds like Rock -N-Roll.

These are availible through dealers, and here on the site.

Sale $200

On The Right Prototype Custom
W/Aluminum brushed quilt top.

Retail $280
Above customers cigerette case look. All hand
sanded. These pictures are examples and are already

Above customers AAA Curly Tops. These pictures are examples and are already sold.

Switch Craft jacks
Custom Finished
Diode Clip Switch
1 & 2 % metal film resistors