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Shane Douglas - Nashville Blues Guitarist (Modified Shane Douglas Special Double Shot)
Mark Gibson - Nashville Guitarist ( Modified Shane Douglas SpecialDouble Shot)
Kenny Vaughan - Nashville Studio Guitarist/Guitarist For Marty Stuart (Special Overdrive)
Chris Reynolds - Nashville Guitarist ( El Kantina Monster Unit not availible, Cold Gin, Prototype Treble Booster)
Anthony Allopenna - California Blues/Rock Guitarist (Shane Douglas Special Double Shot & American Beer Buzz Fuzz)
Rev. MAD Dog - Nashville Blues/Rock Bassist ( Cold Gin, Death Head, Prototype Phaser, Prototype Boost, Top Shelf Special)
Todd Money - Nashville Blues/Rock Guitarist (Death Head, Prototype Treble Boost)
Brad Warren - Guitarist for The Warren Brother/TV Show Barely Famous (Black Label Special Overdrive)

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