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From time to time I will offer wood top models as we
can get them done. If you order one, there will be a 2 month
or more wait. These are very hard to do and take time.

This is the same circuit in the Cold Gin. Designed after the
1959 Fiffty watt amps preamp section for that true classic
British flavor. Each one is different cause of the involvment
of wood...., But it's not what it looks like. It's what it sounds
like, and it sounds like Rock -N-Roll.

These are availible through dealers, and here on the site.

Sale $200

Retail $290
Switch Craft jacks
Custom Finished
1% metal film resistors
Special Mahogany Sunburst Already sold
Ace Decal not offered.
Not in stock.
Email to get on the waiting list
or order through one of our
fine dealers