Hammond Box 1590B.
1% Metal Film Resistors
AC Jack can be used w/Boss PSA Type
Grounded True Bypass Switching
Custom Shop Finish For October Fest Only

Sale Price $165
The American Beer Buzz Fuzz is everything that
I've always wanted in a Fuzzface. It is easy to use
warm sounding, and can be a firebreathing monster.
This pedal is not for those looking for a Fuzzface copy,
but it's for those that wished their Fuzzface could
sound like this. If you like Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page,
Sabbath, and Hendrix then this pedal is for you.
Retail $200
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Because I have a hard time letting go, this item will be
only availible for Octoberfest. Orders will be taken in
July & August and will be shipped in Sept. & Nov.