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Inspired by one of my favorite guitar players the Cold
Gin offers the best British tones that some of my other
favorite guitar players have done over the years. Now I'm
offering that to you in a pedal. Designed after the 1959
Fiffty watt amps preamp section for that true classic British
flavor. This is apart of my Top Shelf line with a custom
paint job of my liking...., But it's not what it looks like. It's
what it sounds like, and it sounds like Rock -N-Roll.

Due to it's success in 2005, it will no longer be just a
custom shop item. These are availible through dealers, and
here on the site.

Sale $175

Retail $220
Switch Craft jacks
Hammered Grey Finish
1% metal film resistors
The Ace Cold Gin
Only 6 Custom Painted by Donner Rusk
5 will ONLY be available at Tone Factor.