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Policies And Warranty
All M.A.D. Effects pedals come with a 90 day limited
for defects in the building process. We reserve the right
to fix or replace the unit at our discretion. The warranty does not
cover loss or damage during shipping or by the abuse of the
owner. These pedals are built to last a life time of playing. Not a
life time of being thrown off of a cliff. We reserve the right to
refuse service if we see fit.
M.A.D. Effects has an All Sales Are Final Policy. We build
our pedals as to order one at a time. We do not build pedals just
to build pedals. If one is ordered, then the parts are ordered and
one is built. Once you bought it is yours.Period....
Please contactM.A.D. Effects by email if you need to use
our warranty or if your pedal needs repair.

If you do need to have your pedal repaired, please contact
M.A.D. Effects. Most repairs are not expensive and can be done
in a timely matter. We do recommend that you allow us to do all
repairs for you to insure that the proper parts are used for the
pedals best performance and reliability.
Thank you for your purchase and enjoy your M.A.D. Effects