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Hammond Box 1590BB.
2% Metal Film Resistors
AC Jack can be used w/Boss PSA Type
Grounded True Bypass Switching
Voltage Sag
Diode Clipping Control

The Top Shelf Special has come out of my passion for a versital pedal to do all sort of
gain type tones from fuzz to a hi-gain overdrive. The range of tones are amazing. It does
everything from a Gibbons to a Townsend. The paint finishes will vary, and this pedal does
not come with labels to show it's beauty. It's about tone not marketing. Let the other
guitar players wounder, and make them ask what you have!!!!
Retail $200
I accept payment through PayPal!, the #1 online payment service!
Made In Tennessee
Top Shelf Special
Not available through dealers

Not available through dealers

Costumers Pedal w/Chicken Head knobs Custom Black Cherry Paint, Blue LED and Rubberized Back Plate.
Japanese costumer pedal . My version of Ford Galaxy Green, and a Yellow LED.