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Here we have our self-etching primer.

Build 5
Always be sure to read the directions. Even if you've used it
before. It's better to refresh your memory than to make a
I've hit it with a couple of coats. This protects it from
the elements and allows the paint to stick. It's good to
do this in a well ventilated area, and cover the ground
were you work.

Now I'll dry sand it. The directions say that you
can wet sand or paint it after 30min, but I've
found it better to dry sand it and not touch the
box with your fingers. The primer etchant wants
to take finger prints easily. Especially if your
hands sweat. What we are trying to do here is get
rid of the dents and scratches that the box has and
make it level. I wont be able to get rid of them all,
but I'll be able to get rid of most within reason.
I'll have to re-shoot the primer a couple of more
times inbetween sanding. This takes a while when
you are using 1000-2000 grit sand paper.