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After painting the pedals go into the oven. This is after they
have set for 1hour. I start the baking process off at low heat.
Some where around 90 degrees. Then I slow change the
tempreture over 30minites to 150 degrees and let that bake
over night.

Build 8
I get the label's for printing. I had been using Testors water
slides, but I'm having a problem with them so these will have
to do.

I print them off myself on an Epson
printer. I've had 3 over the years and
it's the only brand that I've used for
this in 5 years.

First thing that we do after printing is clear
coat the stickers. Doing that will help keep
the glue from bubbling when we clear coat
it one the enclsure. Only a couple of coats
is needed. Then I cut them to size.